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Palo Alto Festival of the Arts – Chopin & Chandeliers

Chopin & Chandeliers - Palo Alto Festival of the Arts
Chopin & Chandeliers

Fulfill Your Dreams…Play Me!

Join the millions of “wanna-be” to professional pianists nation-wide who couldn’t resist sitting down at a “Play Me” piano and filling the air with melodious music.

Look for Chopin & Chandeliers' interactive “Play Me” piano located on Bryant at University Avenue. Surrounded by colorful and whimsical chandeliers, made from recycled plastic bottles, you can’t miss it.

These are not your typical chandeliers as seen in many homes or lavish atriums. Instead, these decorative chandeliers are better known as the art of up-cycling. The process of converting old or discarded materials into something useful and often beautiful.

Presented by Stanford Medicine, festival attendees will be mesmerized by these up-cycled plastic bottles re-created into vibrantly-colored "Chihuly-like" sculptures.

A chance to perform on the tree-shaded outdoor piano will be an unexpected and joyful experience. Who knows who will sit down at the keys? Who knows who will stop to listen? Definitely a YouTube moment.

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Stanford Medicine

Chopin & Chandeliers
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