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Palo Alto Festival of the Arts – Sponsorships & Corporate Exhibitors

Sponsorships & Corporate Exhibitor Opportunities - Palo Alto Festival of the Arts
Sponsorships & Corporate Exhibitor Opportunities

As a Corporate Sponsor your company has an excellent opportunity to promote your product or service up to 100,000 festival attendees.
You will gain exposure and access to a large-scale target market, branding opportunities and product launch capabilities which includes direct audience response.
We look forward to helping people find a creative and satisfying fit for their specific needs.

To request more information on sponsorship opportunities for Presenting Sponsorships, Stage, Kids’ Art Studio, Corporate Exhibitors and more, email or call 831-461-1796.


  • Attendance: Up to 100,000
  • Female: 50.6%
  • Male: 49.4%
  • Age: 30-55 yrs (62%)
  • Married: 56.8%
  • Income: $150,000+
  • General: Highly educated with a mid to high discretionary income and 70% own their own home

2024 Sponsors

Presenting Sponsors

Waverley Stage

Chopin & Chandeliers

Corporate Exhibitors
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