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Filarion, Inc.

At Filarion, we are passionate about making technology and information more accessible and intuitive to work with; we believe in the power of people to positively shape their own futures and make lasting impacts on the world. Led by Utsav Gupta and Rebecca Neff, we nurture and develop cutting-edge advancements in these spaces.


Filarion is proud to introduce our revolutionary system for spatial computing, enabling users to experience meaningful interactions with virtual and real environments, with or without a headset. Our technology ensures effortless engagement with physical and conceptual spaces. Users can intuitively sense and respond to their environment like never before.


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Filarion is driving innovation with two exciting startups: Bytefrost, a cutting-edge solution in spatial computing, and Finli, your AI-powered financial assistant.


Finli is your super-smart, AI-powered financial assistant, making managing finances effortless. From budgeting to retirement planning, Finli simplifies it all, acting as your personal financial manager and trusted ally. Learn more at


Bytefrost offers interactive control and manipulation of real-world objects through a spatial computing interface. This innovative technology creates an advanced interface layer between physical entities, IoT devices, virtual entities, and generatively created environments, enabling intuitive interaction based on user gestures and actions. By integrating a generative user interface (generative UI) for spatial computing applications, including IoT device control, this system revolutionizes the way users engage with their surroundings. Experience a more responsive and interactive world through augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), or mixed reality (MR) platforms, making everyday interactions seamless and magical. Learn more at


Utsav Gupta
Utsav Gupta
Rebecca Neff
Rebecca Neff

Utsav holds a BS in Bioengineering: Biotechnology and a BA in Political Science from UC San Diego, where he served as Associated Students President. He also earned a JD from Georgetown Law. There, he participated in the prestigious Georgetown Law Appellate Litigation Clinic and clerked for the United States Senate Judiciary Committee. Before founding Filarion, Utsav was a high-stakes patent litigator. He achieved excellent results for clients across various industries. Utsav continues to contribute to his alma mater by serving on the Board of Visitors of Georgetown Law. He also serves on the Palo Alto Utilities Advisory Commission, supporting the city's fiber-to-the-premises plans and sustainability initiatives.

Rebecca is an inventor who has nearly a decade of experience in spatial computing. She began by creating and directing the first Virtual Reality Film Festival at Georgetown University. Following this, she joined a VR studio in Los Angeles, where she helped coordinate advanced VR experiences. Rebecca's journey then took her to Silicon Valley, where she joined the first Meta, an AR headset company. Her experience and understanding of both VR and AR culminated in the founding of Filarion, where she invented a form of spatial computing.


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